Thursday 28 September 2023

*Currently On Hiatus*

Hello everyone,

Some of you already know that I'm currently taking a break from blogging. I've posted about it on Twitter, but the algorithms are fucked on there, so I don't actually know if it's been getting through to people. Anyway, I decided to make an official blog post for anyone who's wondering why I haven't been posting anything for the past few months. I thought I could just quietly disappear for a while, but I'm still constantly getting submission emails and DMs, so I feel like I should explain a few things to my readers, and to the artists/labels that have been kindly sending me their latest releases...

A few months ago I decided to take a temporary break from blogging due to a crisis in my personal life, which led to me having a mental breakdown. I couldn't find any time, energy or enthusiasm to discover new music, nevermind write about it. Instead I found myself seeking comfort and solace in a lot of my old favourites, or just total silence... I was also growing increasingly disillusioned and frustrated with the state of social media, the devaluation of music, and people's attitude towards media outlets (all taking and no giving)... so I decided to take some time to sort out my personal life, and think about how to move forward regarding Fog Songs.

I really love discovering music (new and old), and I love writing about it (even though my writing skills are pretty limited), which made me start Fog Songs in the first place. It began as a little side hobby, and my own platform for ''vomiting my opinions''. I never thought it would spread the way it did... and while I'm happy it did - it also put a tremendous amount of pressure on me, which didn't exist in the beginning. All of a sudden I was getting flooded with submission emails from artists and labels...

I try not to encourage or discourage submissions. The majority of music I've written about on my blog has been my own personal discoveries, and I really hate disappointing people (which is inevitable when you accept submissions) and that is why I don't openly encourage it. On the other hand, I do occasionally write about submissions I receive, and have discovered some great music that way. I'm genuinely really grateful to anyone that sends me their music, whether I like it or not, and whether I end up writing about it or not. So that's why I'd never discourage submissions either... Right now I just need to take some time to work on my own personal health and wellbeing before I start blogging again. 

So in the meantime I won't be logging into my social media accounts or checking my DMs. I can still be reached via email, and I will still listen to all the music I get sent... but I very likely won't respond. If you're an artist/label looking for coverage, and you want it done in a quick timely fashion -  you'll likely be disappointed. If you just want to send me your music with the acceptance that I may write about it at some future point - feel free to get in touch. I believe that all good music is timeless, and I fucking hate how these days music is deemed ''irrelevant'' if it's older than a few months. Whenever I do return to blogging - I'll be writing about whatever I want, whenever I want. Hopefully it won't be too long...

Thank you so much to those who read my blog and send me nice emails, especially those who have no skin in the game. And thank you to all those who Like and Share my reviews on social media. It's the only way a tiny blog like mine will grow in this current (difficult) musical climate. Finally, thank you to all the amazing artists and bands and labels who send me their work, and appreciate my little write-ups. I'll be back with you soon!

- Fog Songs

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